Full list of Algae Awards
Group Award Description Award Date
Broadcast_Media KO: Shut the Hell Up! Keith Olbermann "Special Commentary" on Bill Clinton's Fox News interview 5/15/2008
  Montel Williams Montel Williams puts things in perspective on Fox News 1/31/2008
  Ashleigh Banfield Ashleigh Banfield Landon Lecture 9/14/2007
  KO: j'accuse! Keith Olbermann Special Commentary - "I accuse you, Mr. Bush ..." 7/3/2007
  Fairly Unbalanced Keith Olbermann Worst Person in the World to Faux News 10/16/2006
  KO: Bush Lies Keith Olbermann "Special Commentary" on fearmongering lies 10/6/2006
  Olberman on Post Keith Olbermann "Special Commentary" on NY Post scurrilous article 9/27/2006
  KO: No free pass Keith Olbermann "Special Commentary" on Bill Clinton's Fox News interview 9/26/2006
  How Dare You? Keith Olbermann 9/11 Commentary 9/11/2006
Blogs_Forums NanceGreggs - An Ode to the Odious Whither Went Watchdogs? new8/9/2008
  McCamy Taylor - The Villain The biggest villain here is not Rumsfeld - it's the TV networks 5/31/2008
  NanceGreggs - Perfect Candidate? In search of the perfect candidate 10/9/2007
  MSM Demagoguery 'Time for change' dissection of Tim Russert demagoguery 9/30/2007
  I'm Sick of this Crap Blogger rant about media 9/1/2007
  Charles Pierce - Here's the Deal Commentary on idiotic so-called reporters 7/20/2007
  H2O Man on Plame Affair Blogger discussion of how/why the Plame affair is important 3/17/2007
  Mad Donkey on the Media Blogger rant about media 9/21/2006
Politicians Clinton on Wallace Bill Clinton lights in to Chris Wallace 9/22/2006
Activists Michael Moore - "Sicko" Michael Moore's movie "Sicko" 7/21/2007
  Michael Moore - vs the Wolfman Michael Moore takes on Wolf Blitzer 7/9/2007
  Gore/Wall - Live Earth Al Gore and Kevin Wall produce "Live Earth" 7/7/2007
  Al Gore - Assault on Reason Al Gore's book "Assault on Reason" 7/6/2007
  Al Gore - Rule of Law Al Gore's DAR speech on the rule of law 1/16/06 7/6/2007
  Al Gore - Inconvenient Truth Al Gore's book and movie "An Inconvenient Truth" 9/21/2006
Print_Media Gonzalez LTTE Letter to Editor re Gonzalez resignation 8/31/2007
  Klein - Next Iraq War Joe Klien commentary in Time Magazine 8/30/2007
  Taibbi - Iraq Swindle Mike Taibbi Rolling Stone article recaps the pillage of US treasury under the guise of the GWOT 8/23/2007
  Herald-Leader Investigative Journalism as it should be 10/15/2006
  Klein on Webb Joe Klein commentary "Iraq? Who Cares! Say, is Your Mom Jewish?" 10/2/2006